Beyond the Trend: 10 Amazing Facts About Keto Diet

Beyond the Trend: 10 Amazing Facts About Keto Diet

After the pandemic, the importance of health and diet took a rise. We, as humans, learned how crucial it is to stay healthy! The very first step to staying healthy is balancing your diet. Nowadays, there are many dietary trends, and the keto diet is one of the evident contenders. Imagine you are a busy professional and must lose a few extra pounds. You’re unsure about the routine plan and how to kick-start this journey. Well, keto diet might help you in this journey and can also help you boost your vitality. Join us as we are about to discover unrevealed facts about keto diet and help you make informed decisions to lead your healthy lifestyle.

What is a Keto Diet?

Before jumping onto some facts about keto diet, let us understand what this means. Keto or Ketogenic diet is a new trend in the dietary world. It involves a pretty low amount of carbohydrates being eaten. By following this diet, your body burns fat to produce energy rather than carbs. There are many types of keto diet. The most researched and backed one is the standard keto diet. This type concentrates on reducing the carb intake and increasing the consumption of healthy fats. Many studies have proven that this diet can help lower fat loss and promote overall health.

10 Amazing Facts About Keto Diet

Keto diet is a new trend that’s been gaining high popularity in recent times. Check these top 10 amazing facts about keto diet. 

#1 The diet wasn't initially designed for weight loss

In the early 1920s, the diet was designed to treat epilepsy. From then it has been used for different medical purposes off and on, even for diabetes. 

facts about keto diet
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#2 It is an extra low card in comparison to other dietary options

To make the keto diet work, the body needs to be distressed by carbs. Hence, it can burn fat for energy. You only need to eat 50 carbs a day to follow this diet. This is relatively less than other low-carb diet options. 

#3 You can have many options in the keto diet

Several diets limit you to eating rich-fat foods. However, this diet lets you consume fats, including meats and dairy. 

#4 Berries are allowed, but many other fruits aren't

Many fruits have incredibly high amounts of carbs. To obey the keto diet, you can eat low-sugar berries.

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#5 You are allowed to eat a vast amount of healthy fat

The ideology behind this diet is eating sufficient fat to make fat the primary source of energy for your body. The point to note is that it’s vital to eat healthy fats, not anything fatty.

#6 Keto flu might be the only side effect of this diet

Keto flu is not exactly a flu. However, many people find themselves sick in the first week following this diet. 

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#7 It can transform your metabolism

Keto flu is not exactly a flu. However, many people find themselves sick in the first week following this diet. 

#8 You may need supplements with this diet

Taking supplements can be a wise choice to assist your body through the ketosis journey. Don’t forget to consult a healthcare professional before opting for one.

#9 Ketosis may go too far

If you follow a keto diet for too long, it can be dangerous. It’s always recommended to talk to a doctor when following this diet. 

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#10 Weight loss rate differs

People, on average, lose around 2 to 8 pounds in this starting phase of this diet. However, the results are different for each person. 

Bottom Line

By learning all these amazing facts about keto diet, you might wonder if this diet really helps in weight loss. A few of the studies suggest that this diet: 

  • Reduces your food cravings 
  • Enhances calories burning 
  • Encourages fat loss 
  • Lowers your appetite-stimulating hormones. 

Remember, the keto diet has not been proven helpful in weight loss. It can even have a few side effects if followed for a long time.

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