05 Motivational Books for Students to Crush Their Goals

05 Motivational Books for Students to Crush Their Goals

Do you often feel tired or stuck or need an additional push to fulfill your academic goals? Well, all this can be solved by just reading a book! According to Healthline, reading helps with brain connectivity and even reduces stress. Imagine you’re finding it tough to focus on your college studies. You feel demotivated every night and day and start questioning your ability. Day by day, the condition only gets worse. You don’t feel happy, and now it’s affecting your sleep cycle. What about the solution? How do we tackle this situation? We got you! This blog will revolve around the top 5 motivational books for students. This can boost your self-confidence and offer the extra motivational push needed to complete your academic goals.

Top 5 Motivational Books for Students

#1 My Journey- Transforming Dreams into Actions

by APJ Abdul Kalam

This book has unique moments from Dr. Kalam’s childhood life. He learned the value of dreaming and toiling hard to turn those dreams into reality. Dr. Kalam reflects on the experiences, showcasing how they inspired him. He also highlights the crucial role of his father, mother, and mentors in forming his thoughts and perspective. “My Journey” is a story filled with valuable lessons. Dr. Kalam said, “Dreams are not those we see in our sleep. They should be the ones that never let us sleep.”

#2 The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

This is one of the most recommended motivational books for students. This book by follows the story of a shepherd boy on his journey to the Egyptian Pyramids to chase his dream of finding treasure. It motivates you to persevere toward your dreams in spite of obstacles. The book (The Alchemist) also highlights that with determination, no one can stop you. As the book says, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

#3 Own your Anxiety

by Julian Brass

This book, written by an anxiety master, is ideal for those feeling mentally stressed from their workloads and social interactions. Anxiety is a common issue that can drain enough of your motivation. Drawing from personal experiences, the author provides 99 effective tricks and ways to deal with anxiety. The book (Own your Anxiety) also blends scientific research with Eastern philosophies. The main aim of this one of the finest motivational books for students is to help you peek into your inner strength. As a college student, it’s a must-read.

#4 Rich Dad Poor Dad

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This reveals Robert Kiyosaki’s experiences with his two dads, his own father (poor dad) and his friend’s father (rich dad), and their different views on investing and money. As a college student, it’s vital to learn about earning, managing, and investing your money for the sake of your future. (Rich Dad Poor Dad) With eight chapters covering crucial topics, the author’s message is crystal clear: You don’t need a high income to be wealthy; what’s essential is knowing how to use your money.

#5 Do Epic Shit

by Ankur Warikoo

This book (Do Epic Shit) covers success, failure, self-awareness, habits, entrepreneurship, money, and relationships. It’s different and one of the unique motivational books for students. It’s filled with short quotes and anecdotes instead of long chapters. The author also shares personal experiences to teach you something new throughout the book.

Following the success of the first book, the author released another called “Get Epic Shit Done.” It contains 36 life questions to answer. The first book makes you think, while the second book inspires action.

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Bottom Line

These motivational books for students provide inspiration and insights to assist you in overcoming challenges and completing your academic goals. From m learning the value of dreaming big to mastering your finances and anxiety, these books offer practical advice and encouragement. Remember, you have the power to change your life and achieve success. So, pick up one of these books, find motivation, and kick-start your journey toward greatness today!

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